The Before Tour

Well, it’s Thursday night so I went to a fabulous happy hour followed by bar-hopping Thirsty Thursday specials.  No, scratch that, I’m having a glass of wine watching Real Housewives on DVR while the smallest dachshund sleeps comfortably on my lap.  Quick, someone ask me how old I am while I can still answer 28 for another day and a half.

I figure any good DIY blog doesn’t jump right into house projects without sharing before pictures and a list of intentions.  Cobalt originally wanted to give the tour, but he calls every room “my room” so it gets confusing.  I’ll lead the way instead.

Living room:
living room before

living room empty

living room long view


Eventually, I’ll try to become more of a real person and use a real camera instead of my phone.  Maybe when I’m 29.

Moving on, the latrine.  Which also happens to be where we wash the dishes from which we eat. Sort of disgusting a multi-purpose room.

half bath

The blurry dining room:

dining room

dining room

Master bedroom:

master bedroom

master bedroom

Master A bathroom that is connected to the master bedroom that is my least fav room in the house:

master bathroom from bedroom

master bath

master bath vanity

Any tips for removing wallpaper?

The office…we’ll just keep this door closed for a while:

office before

Guest room…we’ll get to this when we have our first guests and are forced to at least make the bed:

guest room before

Guest bath…sorry future guests (aka Lorryn & Daniel), we probably won’t have gotten to this room by the time you visit:

guest bath

And finally, the kitchen…

This is the view from the small hallway between the living room and the kitchen where the oh-so-fancily wallpapered half-bath and door to the back deck are located:

kitchen view from living room hallway

That’s me, talking to our realtor, balancing on my heels like a 5-year-old because I was sick of wearing them all day.

This is the view walking into the house from the garage door:

kitchen before view from garage door

That’s me hiking up my pants because I didn’t know Nick was taking pictures.

This is the view from the dining room doorway into the kitchen, where you can see the kitchen window nook that looks into the backyard.

kitchen before window nook

That’s me blinking and biting my lip.  Thanks Chief.

So there you have it.  The official “before” house tour.  I’ll show more when I dive into projects in each room, and hopefully the pictures will suck less – either in quality or in lack of me awkwardly being in them.  There are a few little spots still missing from these photos like the upstairs hall and the backyard, but I promise to over-share later on.

Oh, I almost forgot about that list of intentions I was going to share.  But, Cobalt says he isn’t getting nearly enough attention/snuggles so I’ll post that tomorrow.  Without further adieu, your Cobalt of the day:

The real frankenweenie. 

cobalt zombie sleeper


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