baking glass paint mason jars

A Bachelorette Weekend and A Dachshund Date

In case you were expecting this post to show the next stage of the kitchen, don’t worry, I’m not going to just randomly leave that storyline never to return like some frustrating episode of The Sopranos.  I thought I’d go every other post with the kitchen renovation so I can still include what’s going on real-time.  Or as close to real-time as it gets with me.

I’m excited about this one because some of my favorite DIY projects are the small ones, which are really just arts and crafts, but when you’re a grown-up you get to call it DIY. Today’s project is one that makes me really happy, because simple crafts are reminders of how much I love creating, especially when it’s for someone else.  I always wonder why I don’t do more of it for myself when I’m done.  I think I need to set measurable goals (my friend Ashley taught me that) so that I stop letting things get in the way of accomplishing what I love most.  I tend to struggle with wanting perfection in my projects and my art, but the fact is, that doesn’t exist.   I think I’m starting to embrace that.  The strange thing is, I’ve done more projects, crafts, and decorating in this home than I ever did in the last one…and I’ve been here for less than 4 months.  Take that however you will, but I’m taking it as small proof that I’m finding my happy place.

So, wanna see?  The first thing I did was a banner.  You’ve got to have a banner at a bachelorette party, and when I saw this one at Home Goods I knew I could personalize it for Theresa’s bachelorette weekend.  Her wedding is a grey and yellow theme with all things rustic, burlappy, and shabby-chic meets casual barn style.  Or something like that.  I already had the stencils on hand from an old project idea that never came to life, and I have acrylic paints I use for…um, painting.  So, I mixed up a pretty yellow and stencilled away.

Bachelorette Party Banner painting

I didn’t use any adhesive, just held each stencil down with one hand and dabbed the paint on with a foam brush with the other. The stripes on the banner ended up being very handy to make sure the stencils were centered and straight on each one.

Bachelorette Party Banner stencils

When I first bought the banner, I made sure it had enough pennants to spell out “Bachelorette”, but when I sat down to actually spell it out, I realized I could also fit “Bride to Be” and then it could be used at her shower too. All about the multi-use! 20140318_201028

It also came out looking a little classier and a little more “girls weekend” which is more what Theresa wanted than “Wooo bachelorette penis parrtttyyyy!” Despite my and Danielle’s best efforts to skank it up with embarrassing gifts.

bride to be pennant banner
The next craft was just a simple wood centerpiece sign to put the favors around.  Very easy.  Go to Michaels.  Buy the pieces of wood you like.  Paint them how you like.  Wood glue the little pieces on the big piece.  I decided to do grey and white stripes on the main board, and yellow letters that said “M to O” since she was going from an M last name to an O last name.  I used the same paint method to mix up a pretty grey with my acrylic paints, and used pure white on the whole base board.

bachelorette party craft sign

Then I used painters tape to tape off stripes, and painted it grey:

painting bride to be sign

Then, I slowly removed the painters tape.  I painted the wooden letters yellow and then didn’t take a picture of them, and then I used wood-glue to glue them on.  Actually Danielle did that part for me when she came to Columbia the day before the bachelorette party.  She helped.

And voila!

bachelorette party decorations

bridal shower decorations

Which brings us to the last project – the favors.  I thought cups for everyone to use for their drink of choice over the weekend would be a cute and useful favor.  Naturally, going along with the rustic-burlappy-shabby-chic-grey-yellow-barn theme, mason jars made perfect sense.  I bought Martha Stewart glass paint and self-adhesive stencils which made it so much easier than using regular stencils.

martha stewart glass paint pason jars

Don’t mind the Christmas mug in the background, just a water cup for the paint brushes. I could never actually drink out of a Christmas mug at not-Christmas-time, way to weird and depressing. Plus, we all know I was drinking wine while I did this.
glass paint stenciled mason jarI used the same foam brush dabbing method as I did the banner stencilling.  This definitely took some time to carefully apply the stencils, paint, peel off, and then re-apply to the next mason jar x 12.

glass paint stenciled mason jar

These definitely gave me that “I can’t believe how good it came out and I didn’t mess them up too badly” feeling.

baking glass paint mason jars

In order to get the paint to cure you can wait forever and ever, or you can bake them for about 30 minutes on 350.

painting mason jars with glass paint

Cobalt helped.

And here are a few weekend snapshots, some I stole from fellow TFOC bacheloretters, because I obviously can’t be relied on to take pictures in the moment.


Bachelorette Party in Charleston, SC and Folly Beach













Ahhh these pictures make me want to go back!  Such a great weekend.  Now, moving on from girl best friends, to sweet angel best friend.  I couldn’t mention my fantastic day with Cobalt and not share it here.  He would be so furious.  We started our day with a long walk at the Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park.

Cobalt mini dachshund mom date in Columbia, SC

Warning… the untrained eye, this may not seem like a very narrowed down selection of Cobalt photos.  But it is.  He was just so precious that day.  So, consider these your All The Complimentary Cobalt’s Of The Day.

cobalt the handsome mini dachshund

cobalt the handsome mini dachshund





cobalt the handsome mini dachshund

From here, we went to Lowe’s to pick up some flowers for the front of the house.  Cobalt said he wiked da wed ones.

front porch ferns and flowers

Cobalt mini dachshund front porch flowers

After Lowe’s we went to the pet store to get Cobalt tshirt to wear when he chases the ball in the yard.  His chest hangs low and he gets a rash from the ground, and I say poooorrr nini.

Poor Nana


Cobalt mini dachshund new shirt

They always look like muscle tees on him.  Oh, he also got to pick out a new toy.  Which he’s carried with him ever since.

Cobalt new toy

cobalt mini dachshund new toy

Finally, he got a mani-pedi and his ears cleaned, and then we ended the night with some girl time catching up on DVRed housewives with extra snuggles after a long day.

Cobalt and mom watching real housewives

Cobalt says it’s about time this became more about him.   And is now demanding I get off the computer and hold him.  Or maybe I just want to.  Anyone else love their dog this much?


Pallet Shelves in 5 Simple Steps

And then it was March.  That means there are only 11 month’s left of my twenties.  And only 2 months until my best friends wedding. And only 7.5 months until my best friends wedding.  Riddle that.  So, let’s get right to it.  Time’s ticking away.

Easiest rustic project ever.  Pallet shelves.  I was first inspired by these, which I am sure many of you have seen all over Pinterest.


1. Grab a pallet shelf from outside of a store and run like hell to your car.  Or walk, because no one cares.

2. Pry off middle boards on one side to expose the “shelves”.

3. Sand down the splinters a little, or don’t, it’s rustic.

4. Screw that thing into the wall.

5. Style away!

Pallet Shelves

We actually had another pallet shelf so I wanted to try making smaller ones out of it and staining them.  Basically, imagine that pallet above with all the boards still on, then cut across horizontally right under each of the “shelf” boards.  Then the top vertical boards were cut down to just a couple of inches to hold things in, and the back boards left taller as the “back”.  This will all make sense in the photos 🙂  Sorry this one’s so small, don’t know what’s up with that.

After they were cut, I sanded them all the way so they could be stained.

sanding pallet shelves

Then we stained them, and I didn’t take pictures of that, because, I didn’t.   But, we used a paint sprayer and it was way easier than using a brush to get in all the little nooks, which is what I started out doing until Nick decided to bring out his glorious sprayer.  Oh. My. God. I almost deleted that sentence, but instead I’ll give it a Lorelai Gilmore, dirty.

Alright, here is the final product in the old apartment because I still haven’t decided where they should live in this house yet.  I am pretty sure they will go in the dining room, but that still needs to be painted.  It has been taped off and ready to paint for…like…a long time.

You wouldn’t have known this, except that I’m telling you now because I like to voice my frustrations, that it’s been almost an hour since I wrote that last sentence.  Yeah, blogging behind the scenes, it’s exciting stuff.  It’s like the bonus features that come with a dvd, which are always disappointing.  The point of this story is that I have NO IDEA where the after pictures of these shelves went.  So you will have to settle for random appearances of them in the background.  Like this one on Nick’s birthday…

pallet shelvesCobalt says, Oooooh pwesents, fo me?! 

And this spooky one.  The shelves got dressed up for halloween…

pallet shelves

OK that’s it!  Go DO!


I don’t usually do the throwback Thursday thing, but I can’t resist.

Cobalt little baby

Pwease uppies mom, I’m too wittle.